Colorfull Grout Mix

Product Description

Colorfull Grout Mix is a blend of cement, carefully graded silica sands, binders, synthetic iron oxide pigments when desired, hydrophobic agents, water reducing agents and other additives to aid in good adhesion, low shrinkage and good flexibility.

The material can be pre-tinted to the color of your choice.


Product Description

Glittercrete is a combination of different materials applied to fresh concrete to give it a noticeable sparkle. It can be applied in varying degrees of intensity to achieve the desired effect.

Sprinkle Glittercrete randomly on wet concrete and trowel in. Broadcast a second time and trowel in. Sponge wash when cement is ready. An acid wash or light sandblast after the concrete has cured will also work. Depending upon the intensity desired, 10 lbs of Glittercrete will cover approximately 150-200 square feet.


Product Description

Get-a-Grip is paint, sealer or coating additive that will achieve a non-slip surface. Ideal for patios and pool decks or anywhere a non-slip finish is desired. It works well with either our Permaseal or Aquseal Stains.

The spherical shape and controlled particle size of the micronized polypropylenes allow for a smoother feel than that of silica sand or aluminum additives. The low density means reduced settling time requiring less agitation. Add contents of one 87 gram container to treat 1 gallon of material or one 435 gram container to treat 5 gallons of material.

Powerbond 2708

Product Description

Powerbond 2708 is an acrylic emulsion designed for high alkali applications. It can be used as a polymer admixture for cement based products such as stuccos and overlay systems and as a binder for coatings over cement substrates. Powerbond 2708 exceeds strength requirements per ASTM 1059 91 for both dry and wet environments.

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