Colorfull Clear Curing Compound

Product Description

Colorfull Concrete Cure is a mixture of aliphatic hydrocarbons specifically formulated for retaining moisture in concrete. It will reduce efflorescence and cracking due to shrinkage while promoting more even color and strengthening the concrete. It is excellent for colored as well as non-colored concrete. It is flammable and should be kept away from fire and sparks. It is a clear amber solution that will not alter the color of the concrete.


Colorfull Concrete Cure should be applied without thinning 2 to 3 hours after final finish of the concrete. It may be applied by spray, brush or roller. If applied too heavy dark spots may appear that are slow to lighten. Apply only in a well ventilated area. Do not apply to concrete that is to be painted.


Colorfull Concrete Cure should NEVER be troweled into the surface of the concrete. Never mix Colorfull Concrete Cure into the concrete itself. Avoid applying too heavy as dark spots may occur that are slow to dissipate. Keep from freezing. Colorfull Concrete Cure is not a sealer and will dissipate within 2-4 days depending upon weather and application. At that time the concrete may be sealed if so desired with Colorfull Clear Sealer.


One gallon of Colorfull Concrete Cure will cover approximately 300-400 square feet of concrete surface. It is available in one gallon and five gallon containers.


Keep out of reach of children. This material is combustible. Firefighters should wear full protective gear. Vapors may be heavier than air and may travel along ground or moved by ventilation and ignited by heat, pilot lights, cigarettes or other sources at locations distant from material handling point. Do not breathe vapors or mist. DO NOT TAKE INTERNALLY. Use only in a well ventilated area. A painter's mask should be worn. Avoid contact with skin or eyes. Wear neoprene gloves and aprons to protect skin and safety goggles for eyes. See MSDS for further instructions. Wash hands prior to eating or smoking. Wash clothes after use of product.


This product is intended for use only by licensed contractors, experienced and trained in the use of this material. Since no control of its selection or application is made no guarantee is expressed or implied regarding its use. Admixture's only liability shall be the replacement of any product proven to be defective. Colorfull Concrete Cure is a mixture of aliphatic hydrocarbons that comply with the requirements of the South Coast Air Quality Management District. Colorfull Concrete Cure meets VOC level requirements.

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