Colorfull Concrete Counter Top Mix

Product Description

Colorfull Concrete Counter Top Mix is a blend of cement, carefully graded silica sands, binders, synthetic iron oxide pigments when desired, dispersing agents and other additives to assist in workability, strength and shrinkage reduction.


Colorfull Concrete Counter Top Mix can be cast directly onto cabinets with a prepared sub top or cast in molds for a smooth finish. It can be pre-tinted to the color of your choice, or tinted at the time of mixing with pre-measured color packets dissolved in the water to be used for plasticity.


One 50 lb pail of counter top mix will yield approximately 2/3 cubic foot after adding 15-20 lbs of aggregate. The yield per pail will increase if more rock is added and will decrease if less rock is added.


Keep out of reach of children. When working with this product all personnel must wear OSHA-NIOSH approved masks. Prolonged, unprotected exposure may cause serious lung damage. Do not take internally. Avoid inhalation and contact with skin or eyes. Wear rubber gloves and aprons to protect skin and safety goggles for eyes. See MSDS for further instructions. Wash hands prior to eating or smoking. Wash clothes after use of product.


This product is intended for use only by licensed contractors, experienced and trained in the use of this material. Since no control of its selection or application is made no guarantee is expressed or implied regarding its use. Admixture's only liability shall be the replacement of any product proven to be defective.

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